At 69th Lane Studio, we believe a balanced lifestyle begins with a healthy mind and body.  Whether it's Pilates, Martial Arts, or Yoga, whether you're looking for yourself or your children, we specialize in small classes with personal attention and quality instruction.  Contact us for a trial and balance your life today!

September News!

PRIVATE Classes available: if you have a special need and would like to address it in a private setting class, contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer classes in our driveway, at a park and at your home.

Virtual Pilates/Yoga - LIVE Schedule on FACEBOOK and MINDBODY Virtual Platform:

Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays - Yoga at 9am

Wednesdays: MAT Pilates at 9am (Also available in MindBody Virtual Platform)

Fridays: BARRE Pilates at 9am (Also available in MindBody Virtual Platform)

To Register follow Instructions Bellow:


FACEBOOK PRIVATE GROUP  as a platform for our online group classes. 

Here is what you should do:

  • Open a Facebook account. You DO NOT need to give your real name and data! I am asking you to keep your first name, so I can actually know who you are…nobody else will know, if you don’t want them to. Everything else can be made up.  Nobody can see you in the video either!

  • Go to the studio page, , click on on the column on the left hand side and request to be added to the group: Virtual Classes Pilates/Yoga. Wait for approval. I have to approve you one by one.

  • Payment: You will use MINDBODY as usual.  LOG IN TO MINDBODY - GO TO ONLINE STORE - Buy "WEEKLY PACKAGE". It will only be weekly because the situation is changing constantly!

  • Classes: Those classes will stay up on the group for the entire week. So if you don’t have time to be LIVE that day, you can do your class whenever it is convenient for you on that same week.

  • The Virtual Weekly Package will run Sunday to Saturday. If you want to remain in the group for the upcoming week let me know on Sunday or buy your Week on Sunday.If you purchase another week after Sunday, you will need to request to join the group again, and you will have less days to access the week’s virtual classes.

  • This Package also allows you to register for the classes in the MINDBODY Virtual Platform. 


Log in and buy single Virtual Class. This will allow you just to take that class and just in the MINDBODY Virtual PLATFORM.







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