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We offer personalized classes for your needs. Balance your life today!

Currently we are just offering in-home private classes in Maspeth and private classes in our Shed Studio.

Contact us for an Introductory class!

What is stretch?

Our muscles are made of fibers, fascia, blood vessels and connective tissues. Those elements are also composed of collagen and elastin, which makes those structures flexible. When we stretch a muscle, we relax it, increase the blood flow in the area and allow the muscles to get longer. Stretches can be passive or active. Passive stretches are when you put yourself in a certain pose and hold it for a few breaths, a relaxed and meditative way. Active stretches are dynamic sequences of movements that allow the muscles to get more flexible by repetition. Both ways to stretch are good for the body and carry their benefits. The ideal is to be able to include both in the workout routine.

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