MOTR: Agility + Core - with Ann Toran

The MOTR combines the core work of Pilates with amazing agility, balance and coordination exercises. This portable tool is excellent for use in private, classroom or home sessions providing a full body workout in a small space. Come and experience what the MOTR can do for you.

Ann Toran, joined the Balanced Body Master Instructor team in 2008. Owner of the Pilates Reforming New York studios in Manhattan, Ann made Pilates her career after being introduced to the Pilates Refomer by her husband, Chiropractor Errol Toran, in 1999. Since then, Ann has relentlessly been studying, practicing and teaching Pilates.  In 2012 she met the inventor of the MOTR (formerly known as the Core Fitness Roller) Darya Bronston and fell in love with this amazingly versatile portable apparatus. Since then she has taught MOTR around the world including Hong Kong, Spain and India! Ann hopes you will attend her workshop and find out how amazing the MOTR is and why it is "More Than a Roller"

March 8th , Sunday, 10am to 1pm at 69th Lane studio

(Space is limited, make sure you register early!)

$99 per person (register online by March 6th)

Past Events

Love to Nepal/ Heart-opening Yoga workshop by Akiko Nishijima


Responding to the recent disaster in Nepal, 69th Lane Studio will offer a benefit workshop "Love to Nepal" by Akiko Nishijima. This open-level workshop focuses on heart opening, physically chest and shoulder area, emotionally loving and compassion to be deeper and balanced.


The workshop ends with Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep or sleepless sleep) relaxation while students are lying down in Savasana. Yoga Nidra is easy yet practical technique to rest within individual body through guided visualization. Brief oil neck massage will be offered at the end of the workshop.


All collected money will be donated CLOWN ONE ITALIA ONLUS, an Italian NPO which has been working closely more than a decade with Italian NGO based in Nepal to help and educate children in Nepal.


Friday June 12 7-9pm

Suggested donation $25+

Reservation required:

Ayurveda Workshop

November 2014


The ancient science of Ayurveda is often referred to as the sister science to Yoga, it literally means the "science of life". This traditional Indian medicine system uses diet, herbs, mantras, physical practice and meditation as its cornerstones for a holistic approach to health. In this workshop, we will explore how to apply the intelligence of Ayurveda to our diet as well as our lifestyle choices. We will discuss elements such as the time of the day, season, women's cycles, personal tendencies and constitution and how they can be brought into balance to find more freedom and joy in our daily living. There will be pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice to balance all constitutions. 


Hira Lesea is a committed student of the alchemical transformations in the body on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Cooking since she was 7 years old, she went to northern Italy to study science, culture and history of food at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. While there, she practiced Ashtanga yoga and realized food and cooking should be approached from a deeper level than just the sensory experience. On coming back to NYC, she completed her 500 hour Yoga certification through Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie's unique program- Yoga Sukhavati, studying Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan Buddhism. She fell in love with Ayurveda because it is highly practical, helping us understand our physiological and mental tendencies more thoroughly. She enjoys showing people how to make eating a part of our practice and how that can be a vehicle for self discovery and empowerment. She has completed workshops with one of the most prominent scholars in the US, Dr. Vasant Lad and studied at PVA Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, India. She is an Ayurvedic chef for yoga retreats, a yoga teacher, plays the drums and acts in her friend's films and plays. 




September 26th, 2014


The Sanskrit word hatha is thought to be derived from the verbal root hath which means “to “hold firmly” and thus Hatha Yoga.

The combination of two words ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon” and thus Hatha Yoga is said to balance the opposing energies of the body – sun and moon, male and female, etc.

Yantra literally means "instrument". A Yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness. In our Yoga workshop we will be not only enjoy a fun  Hath Vinyasa Yoga flow class but also a brief informal introduction to Yantra painting.

Seeking to bring Yoga to every body in every body, I have been a practicing Yogi for  more than 10 years and  a practicing instructor for five. I am also a mother of four two boys and two girls ranging in ages 27-17. I was born  in Maspeth Queens and grew up both here in the neighborhood and in Greenpoint Brooklyn. I love sharing my love of yoga and meditation with anyone who is willing to try! If you can breath you can do Yoga! Yoga is for every one.   





69th Lane Studio at the Maspeth Street Festival

June 1st ,2014


On a beautiful sunny Sunday 69th Lane Studio showed Maspeth, NY what it came for. We are the new and only Pilates and Yoga studio in Maspeth and also the only studio to offer the classes in the Korean martial art Soo Bahk Do in the five bourogh.   At the Maspeth Street Fair, we had few people saying us: "Maspeth needed something like your studio"!  69th Lane Studio is here to offer a quality practice with personalized attention and small classes.

Yin Yoga Workshop
by Akiko Nishijima
May 30th, 2014

Akiko Nishijima is a modern/contemporary dancer from Japan.

Certified as a teacher of Alexander Technique from American Center of the Alexander Technique in 2000, certified as a Yoga teacher from YogaWorks (200hr Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training) in 2007, also ISHTA Yoga (500hr Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training) in 2012. She is also certified in Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in 2007, Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. She recently traveled to Sri Lanka to study Vippasana meditation. 
"Alignment and yield from inside” - In this workshop, we cover basic ideas and poses of Yin Yoga through gentle backbends, forward bends and twists. Yin yoga focuses on inner energetic passages or meridians (nadis in yogic term) to open our body from inside, by calmly holding each pose for prolonged time (approx. 5 to 15mins). Although we do need muscular support to maintain healthy alignment in the given poses, Yin Yoga tries to reduce muscular effort in order to work on joints, ligaments, deep fascia (fibrous tissues surround muscles), bones, etc. All poses are usually done by sitting or lying down. Props are often used to accommodate individual needs. This calm yet powerful practice is suitable at the end of the day as well as before doing active practice.





Ashtanga Workshop

by Neely Schwab

April 30th, 2014


"Using our power from within"


Learning how to find the power from within yourself by focusing on core strength & bandahs.  Relying less on momentum & more on on your power from within. Be ready to fire it up & get super strong through creative sequencing & lots of core work.



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